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Why are my visitor stats so low?
How to get more traffic to my web site?
How do i get my Blog Noticed?

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Ways to Get Free Traffic

1. Get indexed by Google How to get indexed by Google Fast There are many people offering to get you listed on search engines quickly for a price. Why pay when you can do it yourself. The article above tells you how to get indexed.

2. Submit to Directories. They are like sub-domains of search engines, and there are thousands out there, you need to pick out the free ones and submit your website url to each one Search Engine Submission Software is again the software I recommend to fill in all the directory forms for you, it saves you so much time, especially if your serious about blogging or website content. Alternatively you can manualy submit your url to the directories.

3. Ping your site What are pings Pinging is telling the search engines and directories you have updated your blog/site. Don’t do this more than twice a week, and only do it when you update your blog/sites content, over pinging can lower the blogs ranking

4.Atract visitors with similar interests Search out blogs that have similar interest to yours and leave comments, this will give readers a free link to your blog also check out tips for social networking

5. Update content regularly Make a blog post or website content as often as possible, stick to writing what you know about. Search engines reward sites for good content that is relevant to the site. For help writing a good blog

6. Get high search engine ranking. It is well known that websites that organically appear above the first page fold on search engine results are most likely to be clicked. I recommend this free seo tool . It tells you what you need to do with your website to improve its search engine ranking, it gives you step by step instructions to tweak your site. It also gives you top secret information on your main competitors, use the information to get a better search engine ranking than them

7. Use paid ads such as adwords. This can get costly so be sure to know what you are doing before you take this path.

8. Persevere! Never get complacent, anyone can come along and knock you off your spot, keep this website as favourites and make sure you follow its steps. In my next posts I will give more tips to help you stay visible. You will need to tweak your site regularly if you want to keep those visitors

How to Earn Money Free Online

Earn Money Free Now isn't that something we would all love to be able to do, especially in such an economically struggling world we are in.

Now i am not going to talk about opportunities that will get you rich or get you to earn money fast, there are plenty of websites that will talk you through these methods without scamming you ( and give a good evaluation of the various money making opportunities online so i will leave this to them.

This blog is more about seo and getting your web site noticed so that is what i am going to talk about. As a bonus i will tell you how getting your website noticed will help you to earn money for free.

Let us say you have built your web site and you have decided how you are going to make money from your website, how do you get your website to start making you money for free?.

It is all about traffic Traffic = Customers, and customers = money. In order for you to make money from your website you need people to visit your website. Whether you monetize your website with products or advertising, you will agree that neither will be successful without web site traffic.

There is no way of getting tons of quality traffic instantly without putting in a great deal of effort. Unless that is you use google AdWords which can be expensive. The best traffic is traffic that you can get for free, and it comes from being at the very top of google for specific keywords.

The reason why this traffic is the best is because it is targeted, when a person types into the google search bar something they are looking for, if you are the first search result they see then bingo. This can be done for free by applying seo and gaining quality links.

This blog is jam packed with ways you can get high search engine ranking and in my few posts i will go over some basic seo techniques for all my readers that are beginners.

Get Higher Search Engine Ranking

In my previous post i wrote an article on Paid traffic v Free traffic, if you missed it you may want to have a read of it.

Today i want to write a post about what is in my opinion, the best way to get free traffic to your blog or web site........high search engine ranking.

It is a well known fact that if you appear on the first page of search engines for your keywords you get more traffic, whats more the best position is to be above the fold which is in the top 3. Most people will not scroll down a page, so to appear at the top of a search result would generate lost of traffic.

How to get high search engine ranking

I am not going to go into this too much, i could sit here all day and waffle on about how to get to the top of google and other search engines. An tool i would recommend is Free seo tool. I have recommended this before and i would recommend it to anyone, anytime. The webmaster will perform a Free in depth seo report on your website or blog in exchange for a link or a shout on your site. Trust me, it is worth it.

If you get yourself the free seo report then you will receive a pdf file telling you exactly how to get higher search engine ranking.

The report will examine your top ten competitors (those that rank higher than your for a keyword)and it will tell you exactly how to tweak your site to beat them off the top spot. If you have any problems with the report the owner of the site will be only too Happy to give you a hand in exchange for links.

To get high search engine ranking it takes time and hard work, don't ever be fooled by schemes that promise to get you at the top of google. You can get yourself to the top of google by applying basic seo techniques and a good link building campaign.

Free Traffic v Paid Traffic

My personal opinion on Paid and Free Traffic

As the above title bodly states, this post is purely my opinion. For a while now i have tested many many ways to get free traffic, why? because i am a simple blogger with no capital to invest in large internet marketing campaigns. Because of this you will find that most of the seo articles i write online are aimed at Free Traffic techniques.

What is Free Traffic?

This blog is jam packed with ways to get free traffic to your web site or blog. You will find many tips. To keep this post on topic i will list a few without going into detail. If you want to read about each one indepth then please read my previous posts.

Ok so free traffic consists of the following:

Seo - Optimizing your site to organicaly rank high with search engines

Social Book marking


Commenting on forums and blogs with similar topics as your content

Link Building

Yes there are many more but the above 5 can spiral into many sub catagories.

What is Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is as the words say "Paid Traffic", you pay for visitors to your web site via paid links or paid ads like adwords or bidvertiser.

Which should you use paid or free traffic?

My personal opinion and experience would be to dabble with both. Plunge in with the free traffic techniques but toe in the water with the paid. Why be cautious with the paid traffic? Because you can run up a big bill in a matter of days. Take Adwords for example, it is so easy to set up and you can have your ads displaying in minutes. Excellent right?. Yes this is good but what if you have not set a limit on how much you spend per day and you end up with click after click and poubds after pounds being spent.

Adwords is a great way to get traffic, targetted traffic too. It can be a good internet marketing strategy but there is a way to run it. A right and a wrong way.

There was a time that i would only touch free traffic techniques until a friend of mine pointed out that to make money you need to spend money. I disagree with this to a point, as i write much on making money with no money and believe it to be the safest way. But i have started to reliase that you do need to part with a little to give your campaigns a bit of a kick now and then. I am not talking huge ammounts. Adwords can be very useful, but again it must be set up and optimized corectly.

Free traffic is great but paid can get you fast results.

Yahoo site explorer - check your backlinks

Yahoo site explorer is a useful tool for your web site or blog

I have recently been focusing on my link campaigns and have used many of the strategies mentioned in my previous post How to get free backlinks.

Link building maybe a long and unappealing task, but the long term benefits are worth So with this in mind i have increased the time i spend gaining backlinks.

If any of you are curious to check how your link building campaigns are going then a recommend a very useful tool Yahoo site explorer. You simply type in your URL on the top bar and you will get a result like this

You can see how many pages you have ranked and also how many links you have.

Yahoo site explorer is a quick and easy way to check how many backlinks you have.

How to Get Free Backlinks

Why you need backlinks Getting Backlinks are one of the most important things you can do to ensure you get more traffic to your blog or website.

Not only can backlinks get you more traffic but they can help you get higher search engine ranking.

If you are new to blogging, getting a back link from a good ranking website will help your blog to get indexed by google quickly.

Search engines take into account many factors when determining where your site should rank with them. One of the things that will show them that your blog or site is important is by how many quality websites link to you.

How to get Back links

There are many ways to get links but the best way by far is to manually request them. Why?, because google is clever and you cannot fool them by joining a link farm or using Spam sites. Google loves the word organic. The links need to be relavent to your sites topic. links from sites that have nothing to do with any of your content are pointless. Manually requesting backlinks is time consuming but well worth the effort.

Email webmasters asking for a link exchange This is the perfect way to get quality backlinks. Here's how to do it:

Type in google the keyword your site is built for.

The results will show all the web sites that rank high for this keyword.

Email as many sites as you want requesting a link exchange

Link exchange email template

Dear Webmaster,

I am building links for and would like to exchange a link with your web site.

The exchange would benefit both the sites, helping towards improving our ranks in search engine positioning,especially Google which regards linking as a major contributor to how popular a site is due to particular words.

The more popular a site is, the higher its position becomes.

If you would like to exchange links please add my link to your site using the details below. Please note that anchor texts are better (text links) if you are unsure how to do these i have also provided the html which you just copy and paste.

The site details as follow:-

URL : Title (anchor) : Get your blog noticed

Description: How to get your blog noticed and get free traffic to your blog or web site.

Please add my link to your site and email me your link details

Wishing you every success

Kindest regards

As you can see from the email, i emphasized the need for an anchored text link. This is important, your link but be embedded in a keyword for it to be relevant. I wish you every success with your link exchange campaign.

Free Traffic with stumbleupon

How to Get Free Traffic with stumbleupon

Recently i discovered Stumbleupon, now i am personally still a complete newbie to this technique so if any of you have been using it longer please feel free to share your comments.

I will be posting regular posts over the next coming weeks regarding stumbleupon and i will attempt to answer the following:

How Stumbleupon works

Whether it has improved my traffic or not

If it is quality targetted traffic etc...

First Impressions

OK i have read many blogs and articles and my first impressions are that it is very good. I have high expectations of some big increase in traffic. So i have my fingers crossed.

How Stumbleupon works

You download the tool bar and recommend web sites by clicking the thumbs up button on the tool bar, you can also review sites. It is a social technique that is basically a network of recommended sites.

This post is just a heads up to say "What do you think of stumbleupon?"

I am definitely going to give it a shot and do some research. I will post my findings as soon as possible.

To help me out please add a review about this blog on stumble upon

Content and Links - The most important SEO for bloggers

Seo for Bloggers

Hello...Hope you enjoyed the post How to Get Indexed by Google. I often look back at how much time i used to spend attempting to get my sites indexed by google and laugh. I used to wonder how on earth people used to do it, when after much trial and error i have realised that all you need is good content and a link from a web site that google likes.

One thing i used to do is waist time. How? on pointless SEO tasks that were not making the blind bit of difference. In theory all i had to do is to concentrate on my content and Links.

Blog Content You need to add content regular to stay at the top of search engines. You can get indexed by google with a few posts but you will slip down the rankings if you don't add content often.

Blog Links You can get links to your blogs many ways. One thing to always keep in mind is that your links need to be relevant. When you get a link from another website or blog then the websites or blog needs to be on a similar topic as your website without being in direct competition with you.

How to get links to your blog There is many software's that will get you links in directories and such like within a click of a button but these links are not worth much. It may be time consuming but the best way to get quality links to is manually request them yourself. The best way to get links is to email webmasters and bloggers requesting a link exchange.

(1) In google type a keyword that reflects your website or blog. For example lets use my blog I would type in google a keyword like Blog Traffic

(2)I would then email all the webmasters of the top web sites that rank high with this keyword. My Email would be something like this:

Dear Webmaster,

This is not spam or an email bot, i am a real person ;)

I am building links for and would like to exchange a link with your web site.

The exchange would benefit both the sites, helping towards improving our ranks in search engine positioning,especially Google which regards linking as a major contributor to how popular a site is due to particular words.

The more popular a site is, the higher its position becomes.

My site details as follow:-

URL : Title : How to get Your Blog Noticed Description: Get Free traffic to your blog

Your link will be added to my site within 24hrs at following URL

Also, please forward me the Link Text/Description to be used while placing your link at my site.

Wishing you every success

Bingo, good quality links that wont get you into trouble with google.

How to Get Indexed By Google

Many webmasters will use what is called black hat methods in order to get their web sites indexed by google. I would recommend that you avoid such methods, it is not worth the risk. Google is clever and can penalize your web site or blog. How to get penalized by search engines. If you are serious about your Internet marketing campaign then you want to be on the good side of google and make sure your website or blog meets all of googles standards.

How to get Indexed by Google

You can use the submit URL tool with google but you will be in for a lengthy wait, It can take anything from 3-6 weeks. I have tried and tested many methods to get a site indexed by google fast and here are my findings. This is a method i always follow and has not yet let me down. Some of you will have other ways so please feel free to share them with other readers.

(1)Create around 5 pages of good quality content, if you have a blog then a minimum of 5 posts, i have managed to get blogs indexed with as little as 2 posts but i would aim for 5 to begin with, google loves content. Make sure your content is not duplicated from any other site and that it is keyword enriched, i aim for 3-5% keyword density on my chosen keywords. If you over do your keywords then google will think you are spamming and this will effect your search engine ranking.

(2)Get back links from high PR sites. This is one of the key factors that will determine the speed in which you get indexed by google. The web site that you get the link from must be on the same niche as your web site. If you need help finding a website to get to link to you then enter your keyword in the google search bar and look for high PR web sites that except links. Alternatively if the website you want to link with does not have a submit URL form then pop them an email. Most webmasters are happy to swap links.

(3)Submit articles to article directories such as and These are the two article directories i would highly recommend you submit your articles to. Especially digg. Make sure your article contains a link to your site.

(4)Join google webmaster tools, add your URL and verify your site. This will be your hub for finding out how google sees your site. You can see when google index your web site and also see any potential errors that are stopping you from getting indexed by google.

(5) Add a site map and submit the sit map URL to webmaster tools. A site map will tell google about your pages. If you need help making a site map i will include these instructions in my next post.

Check your Spelling!

Today i logged on to blogger to read my comments. One was from a reader saying that i had allot of good content however i might want to check my spelling and grammar in order to make the blog look more professional.

This comment is one of the most valued i have received all year. The sender was offering friendly advice to help me succeed. How many of us either just read a blog and put it down by logging off rather than offer the blogger some helpful advice.

The Internet is a mass of information and for those of us who google at every opportunity, expect to receive valuable information back, right? So with google being full of OUR inputted knowledge how great is it to receive a direct helping hand without actually looking for it.

I am really touched by those who want to help others. I read many forums and there is allot of nasty comments out there who rather than being constructive, like to get personal at every opportunity. Who does this help? Nobody. Thank you to the anonymous reader who commented on my blog today. Back to the subject in hand Spelling.

Now i would consider myself a good speller, believe it or not i have a good education in English and Grammar, however after spell checking all the posts in this blog this morning after receiving that comment i was ashamed.

I type fast, i write as a speak and manage many blogs and sites at one time so time is short for me. This is no excuse as there is a little spell check button on blogger. I was shocked at the amount of misspellings i had typed. How on earth are my readers supposed to follow and understand what i type if after every misspelling their mind is preoccupied with how on earth i managed to spell and publish that word.

From now on i am going to slow down and check all my posts in everything i do, not just this blog. Not only will my misspellings be loosing me readers but also my keyword campaigns could be affected.

How can websites rank high with little text?

If you are on top of your seo campaign and on a mission to beat your top ten competitors that rank higher in search engines than you then one thing that you will notice is that some sites that are higher that you have little content, how can this be? Well in the ever changing world of search engine ranking although content has always been referred to as KING it is not always the case. Those websites that have a higher search engine ranking than you but have little content will have some great quality links that point to their site. Should i give up on content and chase links? Most definitely not. Content is still a very major part of getting your website noticed, especially by search engines,

Links take a very long time to establish and to give up on your content would be a killer. It is all about getting an even balance. Those of you who use Internet marketing strategies such as paid links like AdWords will have websites that are purely built for customers whereas some who use organic seo will tend to build sites and content that are for search engines.

What you need to do is get an even balance, if you have a website that is viewer friendly, give the reader what they want then they will naturally link to you.

The point i am trying to get across without too much waffling is that you need an even balance. You need to follow simple seo steps so that search engines like your site but you also need to fulfill your readers needs and not lose your valuable potential readers.

Higher Search Engine Ranking with Yahoo

What is going on with Yahoo Serps?

If anyone has the answers please share it. I have noticed a big change with yahoo this past month. Not only is Yahoo sending more traffic to my blogs but it is also ranking me number 1 with many many keywords. I will have a go at researching this but if any of you more advanced seo experts out there want to enlighten us, please feel free to do so.

Get High Search Engine Ranking Free

In this blog we have spoken lots about how to get High Search Engine Ranking. It takes allot of time, patience and understanding.

We have discussed that the main ways to get your blog or website noticed is to concentrate on Content Links and Layout.

Free SEO tool

If you are in a daily routine of performing SEO on your blog or website and feel like you are not getting anywhere then here is a great toll that will get you on the right track. It is a Free SEO tool Get High Search Engine Ranking

Why is it free?

The webmaster just wants a link in exchange for their free services. If you put a link to their home page using the keyword earn money online then they will provide their services to you free for life.

What does the SEO Report contain?

An in depth pdf file of how you can beat your top ten competitors in the search engines. It tels you in lamens terms what you need to do to get higher search engine ranking. It is performed for your URL only, it is not an ebook it is a report manually done on your website or blog just for you. That's well worth a link on one of your pages isn't it.

So now you have an in depth report of how you get get your blog or website noticed, you are on the right track and when you have performed the changes the report tells you to do, you can even request another report to see that you did it correct, aslong as you don't remove the link to their home page. (they check regularly)

How to stay at the top of Search Engines

In my last post i spoke about how you can get your blog or website Penalized by search engines. These points need to be carefully looked at because it is usually the simple things we over look that can stop us from getting high search engine ranking.

How to Keep High Search Engine Ranking

For those of you that have been reading my posts and applying optimization tips that will get your blog noticed then you will of seen results. If you are wondering how to stay at the top of search engines once you get there then let me give you a few tips.

Keep your blog or website fresh

Search engines love fresh content so if you have a blog make sure you post often. This will score you high points. If you have a website then try and keep it as fresh as possible without ruining your site, add a new article at least once a week or change a few lines of text on your home page. Don't let your site become stale!

How to get penalized by search engines

If you are new to SEO (search engine optimization) then you may be finding it all a bit gobbledy gook and confusing. I have put together a few what not to do's that will give you a rough idea of the direction you need to be taking in your Internet marketing campaign. Instead of spending hours telling you what to do to get your website noticed i am going to spell out what not to do.

What will get you penalized by search engines?

Duplicate Content

Many new webmasters or bloggers think that it is as simple as setting up a blog or website and copying content from someone Else's site to paste on your own pages. This is deadly for your blog or website. You will get dropped from search engines in a flash. Maybe one day you check your rankings and are doing well, the next day BANG your gone, and you have probably been sand boxed by Google.

Duplicate content is a big fat no no. Duplicate content will damage your search engine ranking

Keyword Spamming

SEO used to be allot simpler, it was a case of stuffing keywords in where search engine crawlers could see them. Webmasters would pile keywords at the top of their web page and some even tried to mask them at the bottom. Search engines have since gotten clever and they can spot keyword spamming a mile off. They will now penalize you for keyword spamming. The crawlers can now spot if a sentence does not make sense and they know if you are keyword spamming. The recommendation is to keep your chosen keywords to around 2% which some webmasters find difficult because they have got it stuck in their minds that you have to mention the keywords over and over again. It is not about this but more about making your content relevant and clear to understand. So what those keywords, don't over do it, search engines penalize keyword spamming.

Keep your pages clear

Google bots search engine crawlers are more human than ever, they know a page that is set up to fool search engines and they know if a page does not make sense. Although you want to rank high in search engines you still need to make sure you website of blog is human reader friendly. When you write content write as though you were tall king. If you try and fool search engines it is you that will come worse off. Keep your pages clear and readable.

Make Money Blogging with Snapbomb

In this blog i have been talking lots about How to Get Your Blog Noticed with blog marketing and blog advertising, and i hope the regular tips are helping you. Today i want to mention one of the ways you can Make Money Blogging. If you have succeeded in getting your blog noticed then wouldn't it be great to monetize your blog. One of the ways you can monetize your blog is through a great site called snapbomb What is Snapbomb? Snapbomb is a great way of getting paid to blog. You write articles about products or subjects and get paid for it. How do i join snapbomb? To join simply visit their website and submit your blog for valuation. You add a code to your blog, if your a blogger member then snapbomb allows you to add a simple widget. After a couple of hours you get to start writing posts and getting paid. How much do you get paid? Snapbomb pay by paypal and the am mount varies depending on how much your blog is worth. For example i will get paid about $1.16 for writing this article whereas i have seen other bloggers get paid $6. It all depends how much your blog is worth and how popular it is. Can i add more than one blog? Yes snapbomb allows you to submit any blogs. So in round up snapbomb is a pretty cool way of making money blogging. You are probably reading this thinking that i am bound to big site bomb up as i am getting paid to write this blog. Why am i getting paid to write this blog? Because i found snapbomb when trying out ways to earn money blogging. If i am taking time out to write this article and promote snapbomb then it must work.

choosing a good domain name

Yesterday i wrote a post on How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly, i gave a updated rundown of techniques that are working lately to get your blog noticed. I spoke about organic search engine traffic which is always the best traffic as it is free.

Now one of the points a mentioned was about choosing a domain name, i stated that you should not stress too much about this as i have found that including your keywords in your domain has little effect on your blogs search engine ranking and you should concentrate more on layout, content and back links. This still stands however literally minutes after writing that post last night i had a very interesting conversation with a friend that has made me look at domain names in a whole new light.

A good family friend came round last night, i told him i just had to finish the post that i was writing, he asked what it was about and i explained about this blog i was writing about how to get your blog noticed and getting free traffic etc.. My friend has very little Internet knowledge and absolutely no Seo experience so i thought what a great opportunity to find out how a clueless Internet user would search for something they were looking for. He started to tell me step by step how he would search for something on the Internet so i thought i would share it with you, after reading his technique you will see why i am today writing this post about choosing a good domain name and why i have suddenly took a different view on how to choose them.

Here's how an inexperienced Internet user searches for keywords

My friend typed in the search bar and brought up a Google search bar

He then typed in what he was looking for 'buying property in Spain'

Google displayed 441,000 results for his phrase

I then asked him which one he would click on and his answer surprised me, he said the top highlighted ones (which me and you know to be Google ads) must be highlighted because they have paid to be featured and for some reason he is impelled not to click, so my friend as a newbie to the net does not click on ads.

He is then left with the first page of organic search engine results and i asked him which one he would click on, "is it the one with the catchy title?" i asked, "no" he said, he explained how he chooses which site he wants to view and it is the one with the domain name that is most rel event.

This really surprised me and i asked him why, he said that the site with a domain name that is most relevent to his search would be the most useful to him, he said is a site is purely about his search term of buying property in Spain then he would be able to get the best information from that site. He went on to tell me an example, he said take Manchester united for example, if i type in Manchester united he would click on the website because all other sites would be imitation sites. This was really interesting, i explained to him how webmasters often struggle choosing a good domain name as most are already taken and what if he was missing out on a good site by only clicking on the ones that appear to be sole about his keyword, he said if a webmaster knew enough info about the topic then he wouldn't make his website about anything but the topic and he would ensure the domain name reflects the topic, otherwise it would just be a site about loads of topics covered briefly.

How to Choose a Domain Name

After having this conversation and hearing how a genuine internet user with no knowledge of search engines would search for keywords i have come to the conclusion that although having your keywords in your domain name wont really get you higher search engien ranking but it will increase your chances of getting more visitors.

How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly

Tips to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly

It has been a while now since this blog was first started and allot has changed as regards search engine optimization and getting blogs noticed. So i thought i would have a general sum up of techniques i think can get your blog noticed quickly. You may have other methods and theories which work so i am not dampening then, i am just reporting on what i personally have found is working lately.

Using Meta Tags in your Blog

As stated above this is only my personal opinion and research but i don't think meta tags are having much of an impact as regards getting high search engine ranking with your blog. In articles and previous posts i have always emphasized that there is no harm in including meta tags but i personally have found that lately they make no impact on a blogs rank so i have dropped meta tags from my seo routine for now. If you would like to include them you can learn how to add meta tags in this article.

Choosing a Domain name for your Blog

It is always best to try and get a domain name that includes your main keyword. Don't worry that your using a free blog hosts such as blogger or word press, do a Google search for your keyword you will see that free blogger blogs for example rank in the top 10. Take make money online for example, this guy who has a blogger account does amazingly and i salute him. Don't stress too much about the domain though, if we are talking about organic search engine ranking then it is more important to include the keywords in the content than the domain.

Choosing the Layout of Your blog

This is important because you have to think like a search engine crawler, when it scans your site it reads across the top, down the left and then to the right so include all your keywords where their spiders can see them. Remember they cannot read images, flash and alot of java. It used to be that websites were laid out with menu bars to the side, now have you noticed alot of sites adding them to the right, put all your junk in the right collum as the crawler will read this last. You want the crawlers to spot your keywords as soon as they land on your pages, that way they know exactly what your blog is about and rank you accordingly.

Blog Content

This is the most important thing to concentrate on if you want to get your blog noticed. You need to watch your keywords, too many will get you penalized and too little will get you low ranked, aim for arround a 5% keyword density and you will be fine. Again as above use h1 headlines or post titles, let the search engine crawlers be able to spot your keywords.

Back links for your Blog

If you get quality one way back links to your blog then you will most definately get your blog noticed quickly. Make sure they are relevent though, no point having a dolls house website link to you if your blog is about fishing, get my drift? How to get back links to your blog

See my previous post for great tips on getting one way back links That's enough for tonight ill post again soon with some more of my findings to help get your blog noticed quickly, in the meantime if you need to brush up on how to make money blogging then heres a good read for you

How to Get Free Back links to Website or Blog

What are Back links?

Back links are basically links to your website or blog and they are really useful because getting back links is one of the major factors of getting high search engine ranking.

How to get Back Links

You get reciprocal back links very easily but these are not as good as one way links, reciprocal back links are when you have to link back or exchange links, you really need to get one way links if you want to get good search engine ranking. You can get one way back links many ways: Social Networking sites Commenting on blogs that have similar content to yours forums free ads and classifieds submitting articles Directories

I have recently done a test as regards getting back links from article submissions this is what i did.

(1)I set up a good tracking system on my website which told me where traffic was coming from, i did this so i could see if any of my work was paying off.

(2)I submitted many articles to lots of article sites like ezine, go articles etc..

(3)I added a back link to the first and last line of the article

(4)I made sure my main keyword was in the title and in 5-6% of the article content

(5) I repeated this for all ten article directories making sure i changed the content to i did not get stung by the duplicate content rules.

Results of my article submission test

I found that over 3 days two of the articles brought in most traffic out of the ten i submitted they were and

Free Traffic with soprano

A few moments ago i was checking by visitor stats for my Earn Money Online website and i was suprised to see a large ammount of free traffic from a source called soprano. I had not heard of this before so i went onto the site to check it out. It is a directory with a unique feature. You can get votes for you website link. Mine does not have many votes yet i still am getting over 200 unique visitors a month to my website.

Not bad considering i dont remember adding the link at all. It is a worth a try adding your blog or website url you will get some free traffic [Vote for this Site!]\

Fix Sitemap Error in Google Webmaster tools, Invalid XML: too many tags

Today i did my routine of logging into Google Webmaster tools to check for any errors and there was a red site map warning next to one of my blogger blogs. I was baffled by it as the only problem i had encountered before with site maps was not getting one excepted at all, not come across this site map warning before.

I am not an expert on these kind of errors, i am more of a person who waits until i get a problem like this one saying Invalid XML: too many tags. I then stick with it until i find a solution.

How to fix the Error

This solution fixed my error and the warning sign was removed, i hope it is of some help to those out there having the same site map error with their blog. If you found another solution please feel free to leave it in a comment.

1. Remove site map 2. Add another site map under general site map selection 3. Add Replacing xxx with your blog name.

Good Luck

Site Map Error Update

I reported earlier today that the above site map code fixed my blogger site map error however this evening it is now showing as error state. I am going to try re-submitting the origional site map code rss.xml?max-results=500&start-index=1 I will repot back. I am please to report that readding the origional site map code to my blog has fixed the error

Duplicate Content can damage your search engine ranking

Issue with Duplicate Content

Today i want to write a post from personal experience, as you have guessed it is about Duplicate content. I have a website that regularly ranks in the top 10 positions on Google for over 20 keywords. I have noticed these past few weeks that certain pages have become sand boxed and my rankings have vanished. I have been baffled for many weeks. Last night i was reading a forum about duplicate content and i have now solved the mystery as to why i was no longer getting high search engine ranking with my particular site. It was being duplicated by a Blogger.

How to find out if your content is being copied?

I read last night on a forum about a website that analyzes your pages and tells you who is copying your content Sure enough i did this immediately and i was alarmed at the results. We have all heard of changing content and making it look like your own but this blogger blatantly copied my content, my poor punctuation included, i was gobsmacked. The blogger has absolutely no idea that duplicate content will not get him anywhere, not only is it illegal but it will get him bad points with Google who regularly scan for duplicate content.

How to approach someone who has copied your content

Remain professional at all times. Email then and ask then to remove it, they may not know that it is wrong to copy your content. If they do not remove it then you can fax their host explaining how they have copied your content, use article references and dates you wrote the content, their host will launch an investigation and they have the power to shut their blog or website down.

How do i stop my content being copied?

If someone is out to copy your content then they will copy it, you can however state on your pages that you do not like your content being copied and that you will take it further. New blogger or website builders may not be aware that duplicating content is illegal.

Is there a HTML code to stop your content being copied?

Yes there is a code to disable right click but as i have enabled it on this blog you wont be able to right click and copy it, if you leave me a comment with your email address i will email you the code.

How to Send Partial Blog Post

Sending Only Part of Your Blog Post Feed Why would you only want to send part of your blog post to your reader? Well the whole point of having blog subscribers is to send them notifications when you write a new post to your blog, But what if they only read the entire post from the email and do not visit your blog! What would be the point? You don't get any traffic. If you have email subscriptions turned on with feed burner for example, then there is a way of only sending part of your blog post to readers which will encourage them to click on a link that lead them to your blog. How do i send only part of my blog post? Let us use the example of blogger: How to send a partial post with blogger 1. Go to Dashboard 2. Settings 3. Feed 4. Scroll to select short appose to full Your done! Next time you write a post then only part of your post will be sent to your reader. Make sure you write a captivating title!

Advertise your blog with digg

I stumbled on over the weekend. As with any new method i try to get my blogs noticed i always make sure i have a proper good read. I also make sure i allow time to try the new technique out. But it is only monday so why am i reporting on this so quick? Well after only 6 hours i saw big results. This is what i did. I took one of my blogs and went onto, i clicked on submit new at the the top of diggs website and then clicked on add new image. It then asks you to type in your url. Digg searches you url for suitable images and you get to choose which image is put on your listing. For the title of my listing i made sure i used my important keywords, added a description of my listing and clicked submit. Within hours i did a search for my keyword on google and digg had ranked my listing 3rd for my keyword. It also added an image to the side of my listing which i think makes it stand out much more. So i am happy to report digg is a handy way to get some traffic and to get your blog noticed.


Feedjit is a great tool for bloggers, it helps you keep a track of your blog visitors and tells you where they are from and how they found you. This is great for letting you know how your blog got noticed.

Why isn't my web site indexed by the Search Engines?

let's take google as an example search engine. To see if your website is listed on google first bring up google and try typing in your url several ways ie with the www. without, with http:// etc...... If you find no results for your website then here are a few possibilities as to why your site has not been indexed: (1)A Badly Designed Site Search engines like clear navigational sites, they strugle to read clustered sites and those especialy full of java. Your site may look cool with loads of flash but search engines cannot read it. Have a clean up of your website. Loads of graphic and java can block your website from being crawled. In my next post i will discuss how content can help you get indexed.

Make your Blog Reader Friendly

As i have written so many posts regarding search engine optimization i thought it would do no harm to reiterate the most basic prinicipal of blogging, to make our blog reader friendly. After all is said and done we write to get readers, right? The readers of a blog must find it an enjoyable experience, otherwise they will not return and your a one hit wonder with them, one click, one look, no thanks! To make a blog reader friendly it is not just about content (typed) but also layout. Certain colours make you feel a certain way and the colour scheme of the blogs layout should reflect the mood you want your reader to feel when they browse your pages. A really good example is this blog about irelandthe author uses many enticing images to lure readers and matches the colour scheme with a fitting ireland colour. Read more blogging tips

A few things Search engines will penalize you for

As mentioned before in this blog Search Engine optimization although complex anyone can learn! When starting in SEO (search engine optimization) is is always to start with the basics which i discussed in earlier articles It is also useful to know what search engines can penalize your webiste or blog for, they range from very small things such as a double title. How can this happen, take for example blogger, you can add your own meta into the html but also blogger adds the title in for you also resulting in two titles being inserted. Solution?.... You can either just add meta keywords and description leaving out the meta title, allowing blogger to insert the one you have typed in your header section. Or if you are more clued up and know what you are doing you can remove the automaticaly inserted title which will look like this < title >< data:blog.pageTitle/ >< /title > and replace with your meta title. Car Credit Apply Online

Make your site crawler-friendly

Search engines can't fill out forms, can't read JavaScript links,menus,graphics and Flash. This doesn't mean that you have to refrain from using such features beacuase you can! They make your site user friendly. However, you do need to provide alternative means of navigating your site as necessary. If you have only a drop-down of menus to choose a category, the search engine crawlers will never find those resulting pages and you will not get crawled. Top tips to get your blog noticed

Get Backlinks to get your Blog Noticed

Free Backlinks is a great way to get your blog noticed. One of the ways to get backlinks to your site is by commenting on forums, this is great because you can get targetted traffic to your website or blog by participating in discussions that are relevent to your site. Most forums allow you to have signatures on each of your posts, these signatures can be links to your blog or site. Do's and dont's Always be polite keep your post relevent to the topic Dont over spam you will get suspended Dont just post to promote your site or blog, make sure you join in the relevent discussion, your signatures will do the promoting, Some good forums to post on DigitalPoint SitePoint V7 Networks Code4Gold Forums Webmaster-Talk BloggerTalk Searchen Forums Learn how a blog can help Your Website!

Get your site listed in The Open Directory

It has been said many times about the importance of the Open Directory when launching your blog campaign. It is suggested to have a vital role in one of the ways to get indexed on search engines such as google. It is run by volunteers so you must be patient, If your submitted blog does not show after 1 month, I would email one of the category editors and asking for advice on how to get your site listed. Top ways to get Free Traffic

SEO Report on Your Website

This is an amazing offer its webmaster simply wants you to spread the word about thier site. You will get a free 61 page pdf file emailed to you giving you a deep analazed report on Your Website, not an ebook with general search engine optimization tips but this report is unique and for your site only. The report explains in plain english how to beat your top ten competitors and move your website further up the rankings free. Secrets your comepetitors use to get top search engine ranking Read More

Organic Traffic

When using seo to get organic traffic by that i mean search engine traffic then it is important to know what your competitors are doing. I have found a cool liitle tool that not only tells you exactly how your competitors are beating you but for only £2.99 you get a 61 page pdf report on your website, explaining in plain english how to optimize your website to get high rankings. This is not a ebook giving away general search engine optimization tips but it is a complete report on YOUR website and how you can move YOUR Website further up the rankings. Some search engine companies would charge hundreds for this, not bad for £2.99 so thought i would share it with you.

Dont forget the Basics!

When we start our Internet Marketing Campaign we start at the begining and work our way up, but how often do we loose sight of the basics, especialy when performing search engine optimization. It is always important to log our efforts and to retrace over them to compare which alterations made a difference to our internet marketing campaign, you would be surprised that how often when building multiple sites we forget the basics we made sure we did with our earlier sites, the importance of search engine submission for example. Also things change, google changes what was once exceptable and worthwhile may no longer be relevent so the key is to stay focused with our internet marketing campaigns, to never stop testing and to keep our notes fresh.

Free Traffic that is Good Traffic!

If you do receive any traffic from Free traffic MLM programs it’s low quality because people are only clicking to your site to earn more credits for their own. Now every bit of traffic is good right? yes and no harm but you are unlikely to get to the second level of your marketing campaign with free traffic because it is not targeted traffic. So if your website is monetized via sales then your visitors from free traffic sources are less likely to make a purchase than if they reached you via targeted traffic. Now you can also get free targeted traffic for example by advertising on specific directories related to your website or by advertising on sites that are a similar subject to your site. And of course good old Search Engine Optimization

Using article writing as an internet marketing tool

An increasing method of traffic building is article writing, where links can be placed in the articles directing readers to your website. There are many free article submission sites to choose from also a few that offer you money for reader views like and Here is the top 20 searched articles in Wikipedia during the last month Wikipedia article traffic statistics Most viewed articles from February 1 to February 23, 2008: Rank Article Page views 1 Special:Search 381073439 2 Main_Page 114385286 3 Special:Random 68651771 4 Wiki 3577427 5 Special:Watchlist 3189276 6 Valentine's_Day 2068393 7 Barack_Obama 1934492 8 Wikipedia 1646544 9 John_McCain 1151929 10 Chinese_New_Year 1110887 11 Canine_reproduction 1104342 12 Portal:Current_events 1053991 13 Sex 1043122 14 Kosovo 1018946 15 United_States 988039 16 Resolution 957822 17 Deaths_in_2008 950550 18 Cloverfield 930900 19 Portal:Contents More tips!

Warning about Free Search Engine Submission Software

Some search engine submission software services claim that they submit your website to thousands of search engines at once. The majority of these so-called search engines are free links for all pages, very special interest web pages or, even worse, websites masquerading as search engines. Submitting your web page to these hundreds of thousands of search engines means that you will receive hundreds of thousands of spam email messages. Quality matters much more than quantity ever will. When submiting your website to search engines make sure you focus on the important ones. Read more about the main search engines you need to concentrate on!
If you pay a company to get you high ranking you wont stay there It takes hard work so dont be fooled! There is No Easy way to Get Listed and No Secrets not promise to get you high search engine rankings not an overpriced Ebook a full report on Your Site Give You the info to get Yourself at the top. What do you get? A full 61 page deep report on your website A PDF file emailed to you This is not a report on sites in general its all about Your Website! analyze your top 10 comepetitors against your website You will receive a Plain english report on how to beat your competitors How you can optimize your site to get higher ranking Meta, content, links, layout, keyword density etc... the lot How much is it? £2.99 yes thats right its not a typo More info

How a Blog Can help your Website

Blogs are free and easy to create, also great traffic generating tools for your website. If you haven't learned by now, the key to building free search engine traffic is to get as many related, high-quality sites to point back to yours. Search engines like Google take this into account when ranking your website. You can create your own blog that acts as a "related website" to point to your own, and in the long run your blog may attract its own traffic. Or you can build a stand-alone blog and use that as your main website. The choice is up to you and really depends on your long-term goals. More Tips to get Free Traffic to Your Site Want to make Money Online?

New free classfieds site

If you are a member of a club, workshop, group or organization then this brand new free classifieds site is for you. They are offering free advertising. Submit your advert now before they get too popular, you will be listed within 24hrs

How to Add Meta tags

As discussed in the previous post Meta Tags should be used as an addition to your optimizing and should not be relied on to get your site or blog indexed by search engines. I have added instructions on adding Meta to This Website

Should i use Meta Keyword Tags?

The debate over the importance of meta keywords in your site or blog is undecided. The general guidance is that they cannot do any harm. If you check your competitors you will see some use meta keyword tags and others don't so the advice of top search engine optimizers is to include them anyway. This is all well and good but did you know certain meta keyword tags can harm your ranking! How? Some search engines penalize you if your mega keywords tags don't appear in your body text. So if your going to use meta keywords make sure they are relevant to your content and that they appear in your body text. Don't just make a list of keywords you think may have something to do with your site, Make sure they do! Get more top tips!

How giving a Free E-book can Make you Money

You can make an E-Book and give it away for free: You could use your free E-Book as a bonus, or thank you gift, for your customers, web site visitors or ezine subscribers. You could use the E-Book to remind readers about your business or products. You could even include advertising within your free E-Book. Or, you could make an E-Book and allow other businesses to give copies away free to their customers, web site visitors or ezine subscribers. It could be the start of a beautiful a win-win relationship: The other business benefits, because their readers/customers get something free. You benefit, because your E-Book presumably tells these new readers about your business. And best of all, our software includes a powerful Rebranding feature, which allows you to set up parts of your E-Book for easy customization. You could allow other businesses to insert their name, web site link, or change an affiliate ID - which gives them an extra incentive to pass on copies - helping promote your business or web site

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a great way to generate Fast Traffic to your site or blog. The most popular ones are using Google Adwords and Google Adsense. Google Adwords allows you to create adds that appear at the top of search engines, you may recognise them as sponsored links. Google Adwords can be an expensive learning curve for beginners but a gold mine if you know what you are doing. I am writing an Ebook on Adwords Secrets which i will give away free to all Newsletter subscribers of this blog so sign up free today to get a copy free mid march.

A Hidden treasure

You have built your website or blog around a specific keyword but you type the keyword in google and it is showing hundreds of thousands of results, you optimize and optimize but your internet marketing strategies just dont seem to put you at the top and your traffic is slugish! Try entering a common misspeling for your keyword! What results do you get in the search engine? Surprised at the low results? Now try optimizing your site to perform high in this mispelt keyword, you will find it much easier to obtain a higher ranking now. But it is mispelt, you will shocked at how many mispellings are made in search engine searches, grab this traffic!

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

Free SEO Secrets Ebook

The FREE eBook covers everything from an introduction to search engine marketing to tips and tricks on how to improve your order page. Get Free SEO Secrets Ebook If you apply all tips and tricks that you learn in this ebook to your website, it is almost guaranteed that you'll get more visitors and more sales. You could pay a lot of money for an internet marketing stratagies eBook, or you can benefit from the proven methods that are described in this eBook for free. The free eBook covers all important aspects of search engine optimization on more than 160 easy to read pages

Build a community

If you want to get a good audience then readers need to feel part of the topic. It is important to allow comments and any interactive features you can. This will get you long term readers and it will also help you further up the search engines.

Making your Blog Interesting

Search engine optimization is different with a blog than a website, it's less about meta tags and keyword density and more about a good read. You want readers to keep your blog as favourites and visit often and the only way to do this is to make your blog interesting.

Stay at the top

10. Persevere Never get complacent, anyone can come along and knock you off your spot, keep this website as favourites and make sure you follow its steps. In my next posts i will give more tips to help you stay visable. You will need to tweak your site regurlarly if you want to keep those visitors.

Making your site Friendly

9. Make sure your site is user friendly Ibp is amazing, it tells you what you need to do with your website to improve its search engine ranking, it gives you step by step instructions to tweak your site. It also gives you top secret information on your main competitors, use the information to get a better search engine ranking than them! Search Engine Optimization Software

Content Importance

8. Update content regularly Make a blog post or website content as often as possible, stick to writing what you know about. Search engines reward sites for good content that is relivent to the site. For help writing a good blog

Targeted Hits

7.Atract visitors with similar interests Search out blogs that have similar interest to yours and leave comments, this will give readers a free link to your blog

List on Yahoo

6. Get your blog listed on Yahoo quicker Sign up for a My Yahoo at and link your site to your own My Yahoo account. This will get your blog included in Yahoo very quickly. Yahoo has a really high PR ranking so this is a very important task you must do.

Advertise on Msn

5. Advertise your blog on Msn Sign up for a My MSN at, and link your blog to your own My MSN account.

Advertise Blog

4.Get a free account at and register your blog


3. Ping your site Whate are pings Pinging is telling the search engines and directories you have updated your blog/site. Dont do this more than twice a week, and only do it when you update your blog/sites content, over pinging can lower the blogs ranking.

Submiting to Directories

2. Submit to Directories Directories are like sub-Domains of search engines, and there are thousands out there, you need to pick out the free ones and submit your website url to each one Search Engine Submission Software is again the software i reccomend to fill in all the directory forms for you, it saves you so much time, especialy if your serious about blogging or website content. Alternatively you can manualy submit your url to the directories. Here is some to get you started , but remember there are loads so build yourself a good list.

Submit to Search Engines

1.Submit to search engines There are many people offering to get you listed on search engines quickly for a price. Firstly there is no quick way, each website that is submitted to search engines gets crawled and added at the same pace as anoy other blog or site. Why pay when you can do it yourself. Here is a cool tool i have added for you, simply fill in your blog/site title, your url, and your email address (so the search engines can confirm your submission). What could be more easier than that

Submit your site to 20 popular Search Engines for FREE!

Title URL email
Using the tool above you have sucessfully submitted to 20 popular search engines......there is many more search engines out there you can manualy submit your blog/site to. If you dont want to sit and fill out each submission form then there is a great program that will do just like the form above but submit your blog to hundreds, and there is no form filling. Be #1 on Google and Yahoo!

Post Often

One of the major factors to increase your blogs visability is to Post Often. Updating your blogs content often can have a big effect. Not only will it get you free traffic when people keep it as favourites and check back to read your regular posts but it will also score you alot of points with search engines. It will increase your ranking. This does not mean you can write rubbish though, if you go off your topic you will damage your keyword score and make your content irrelevent so..........write about a subject you will always find something to say about, a good blog is fiiled with endless info, interesting information that is.!

How to write a good blog

A blog is like a diary and can be based on any topic, from fishing and car repair to family life. Write about what you know about, knowledge is everything and the world we live in is thirsty for it. You think that the little knowledge you have about the snallest subject is of no use to anyone? WRONG very WRONG get writing. You can use free webspace with any of the sites listed below or buy your own domain name and webspace, eaither is fine and the free ones are just as good. Its the advertising of your site and its content thats important not the webspace and domain. Visit To learn how to make money from your blog