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I stumbled on over the weekend. As with any new method i try to get my blogs noticed i always make sure i have a proper good read. I also make sure i allow time to try the new technique out. But it is only monday so why am i reporting on this so quick? Well after only 6 hours i saw big results. This is what i did. I took one of my blogs and went onto, i clicked on submit new at the the top of diggs website and then clicked on add new image. It then asks you to type in your url. Digg searches you url for suitable images and you get to choose which image is put on your listing. For the title of my listing i made sure i used my important keywords, added a description of my listing and clicked submit. Within hours i did a search for my keyword on google and digg had ranked my listing 3rd for my keyword. It also added an image to the side of my listing which i think makes it stand out much more. So i am happy to report digg is a handy way to get some traffic and to get your blog noticed.