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Free Traffic v Paid Traffic

My personal opinion on Paid and Free Traffic

As the above title bodly states, this post is purely my opinion. For a while now i have tested many many ways to get free traffic, why? because i am a simple blogger with no capital to invest in large internet marketing campaigns. Because of this you will find that most of the seo articles i write online are aimed at Free Traffic techniques.

What is Free Traffic?

This blog is jam packed with ways to get free traffic to your web site or blog. You will find many tips. To keep this post on topic i will list a few without going into detail. If you want to read about each one indepth then please read my previous posts.

Ok so free traffic consists of the following:

Seo - Optimizing your site to organicaly rank high with search engines

Social Book marking


Commenting on forums and blogs with similar topics as your content

Link Building

Yes there are many more but the above 5 can spiral into many sub catagories.

What is Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is as the words say "Paid Traffic", you pay for visitors to your web site via paid links or paid ads like adwords or bidvertiser.

Which should you use paid or free traffic?

My personal opinion and experience would be to dabble with both. Plunge in with the free traffic techniques but toe in the water with the paid. Why be cautious with the paid traffic? Because you can run up a big bill in a matter of days. Take Adwords for example, it is so easy to set up and you can have your ads displaying in minutes. Excellent right?. Yes this is good but what if you have not set a limit on how much you spend per day and you end up with click after click and poubds after pounds being spent.

Adwords is a great way to get traffic, targetted traffic too. It can be a good internet marketing strategy but there is a way to run it. A right and a wrong way.

There was a time that i would only touch free traffic techniques until a friend of mine pointed out that to make money you need to spend money. I disagree with this to a point, as i write much on making money with no money and believe it to be the safest way. But i have started to reliase that you do need to part with a little to give your campaigns a bit of a kick now and then. I am not talking huge ammounts. Adwords can be very useful, but again it must be set up and optimized corectly.

Free traffic is great but paid can get you fast results.

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