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How to Get Free Back links to Website or Blog

What are Back links?

Back links are basically links to your website or blog and they are really useful because getting back links is one of the major factors of getting high search engine ranking.

How to get Back Links

You get reciprocal back links very easily but these are not as good as one way links, reciprocal back links are when you have to link back or exchange links, you really need to get one way links if you want to get good search engine ranking. You can get one way back links many ways: Social Networking sites Commenting on blogs that have similar content to yours forums free ads and classifieds submitting articles Directories

I have recently done a test as regards getting back links from article submissions this is what i did.

(1)I set up a good tracking system on my website which told me where traffic was coming from, i did this so i could see if any of my work was paying off.

(2)I submitted many articles to lots of article sites like ezine, go articles etc..

(3)I added a back link to the first and last line of the article

(4)I made sure my main keyword was in the title and in 5-6% of the article content

(5) I repeated this for all ten article directories making sure i changed the content to i did not get stung by the duplicate content rules.

Results of my article submission test

I found that over 3 days two of the articles brought in most traffic out of the ten i submitted they were and

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