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Duplicate Content can damage your search engine ranking

Issue with Duplicate Content

Today i want to write a post from personal experience, as you have guessed it is about Duplicate content. I have a website that regularly ranks in the top 10 positions on Google for over 20 keywords. I have noticed these past few weeks that certain pages have become sand boxed and my rankings have vanished. I have been baffled for many weeks. Last night i was reading a forum about duplicate content and i have now solved the mystery as to why i was no longer getting high search engine ranking with my particular site. It was being duplicated by a Blogger.

How to find out if your content is being copied?

I read last night on a forum about a website that analyzes your pages and tells you who is copying your content Sure enough i did this immediately and i was alarmed at the results. We have all heard of changing content and making it look like your own but this blogger blatantly copied my content, my poor punctuation included, i was gobsmacked. The blogger has absolutely no idea that duplicate content will not get him anywhere, not only is it illegal but it will get him bad points with Google who regularly scan for duplicate content.

How to approach someone who has copied your content

Remain professional at all times. Email then and ask then to remove it, they may not know that it is wrong to copy your content. If they do not remove it then you can fax their host explaining how they have copied your content, use article references and dates you wrote the content, their host will launch an investigation and they have the power to shut their blog or website down.

How do i stop my content being copied?

If someone is out to copy your content then they will copy it, you can however state on your pages that you do not like your content being copied and that you will take it further. New blogger or website builders may not be aware that duplicating content is illegal.

Is there a HTML code to stop your content being copied?

Yes there is a code to disable right click but as i have enabled it on this blog you wont be able to right click and copy it, if you leave me a comment with your email address i will email you the code.

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