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Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

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Build a community

If you want to get a good audience then readers need to feel part of the topic. It is important to allow comments and any interactive features you can. This will get you long term readers and it will also help you further up the search engines.

Making your Blog Interesting

Search engine optimization is different with a blog than a website, it's less about meta tags and keyword density and more about a good read. You want readers to keep your blog as favourites and visit often and the only way to do this is to make your blog interesting.

Stay at the top

10. Persevere Never get complacent, anyone can come along and knock you off your spot, keep this website as favourites and make sure you follow its steps. In my next posts i will give more tips to help you stay visable. You will need to tweak your site regurlarly if you want to keep those visitors.

Making your site Friendly

9. Make sure your site is user friendly Ibp is amazing, it tells you what you need to do with your website to improve its search engine ranking, it gives you step by step instructions to tweak your site. It also gives you top secret information on your main competitors, use the information to get a better search engine ranking than them! Search Engine Optimization Software

Content Importance

8. Update content regularly Make a blog post or website content as often as possible, stick to writing what you know about. Search engines reward sites for good content that is relivent to the site. For help writing a good blog

Targeted Hits

7.Atract visitors with similar interests Search out blogs that have similar interest to yours and leave comments, this will give readers a free link to your blog

List on Yahoo

6. Get your blog listed on Yahoo quicker Sign up for a My Yahoo at and link your site to your own My Yahoo account. This will get your blog included in Yahoo very quickly. Yahoo has a really high PR ranking so this is a very important task you must do.

Advertise on Msn

5. Advertise your blog on Msn Sign up for a My MSN at, and link your blog to your own My MSN account.

Advertise Blog

4.Get a free account at and register your blog


3. Ping your site Whate are pings Pinging is telling the search engines and directories you have updated your blog/site. Dont do this more than twice a week, and only do it when you update your blog/sites content, over pinging can lower the blogs ranking.

Submiting to Directories

2. Submit to Directories Directories are like sub-Domains of search engines, and there are thousands out there, you need to pick out the free ones and submit your website url to each one Search Engine Submission Software is again the software i reccomend to fill in all the directory forms for you, it saves you so much time, especialy if your serious about blogging or website content. Alternatively you can manualy submit your url to the directories. Here is some to get you started , but remember there are loads so build yourself a good list.

Submit to Search Engines

1.Submit to search engines There are many people offering to get you listed on search engines quickly for a price. Firstly there is no quick way, each website that is submitted to search engines gets crawled and added at the same pace as anoy other blog or site. Why pay when you can do it yourself. Here is a cool tool i have added for you, simply fill in your blog/site title, your url, and your email address (so the search engines can confirm your submission). What could be more easier than that

Submit your site to 20 popular Search Engines for FREE!

Title URL email
Using the tool above you have sucessfully submitted to 20 popular search engines......there is many more search engines out there you can manualy submit your blog/site to. If you dont want to sit and fill out each submission form then there is a great program that will do just like the form above but submit your blog to hundreds, and there is no form filling. Be #1 on Google and Yahoo!