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Fix Sitemap Error in Google Webmaster tools, Invalid XML: too many tags

Today i did my routine of logging into Google Webmaster tools to check for any errors and there was a red site map warning next to one of my blogger blogs. I was baffled by it as the only problem i had encountered before with site maps was not getting one excepted at all, not come across this site map warning before.

I am not an expert on these kind of errors, i am more of a person who waits until i get a problem like this one saying Invalid XML: too many tags. I then stick with it until i find a solution.

How to fix the Error

This solution fixed my error and the warning sign was removed, i hope it is of some help to those out there having the same site map error with their blog. If you found another solution please feel free to leave it in a comment.

1. Remove site map 2. Add another site map under general site map selection 3. Add Replacing xxx with your blog name.

Good Luck

Site Map Error Update

I reported earlier today that the above site map code fixed my blogger site map error however this evening it is now showing as error state. I am going to try re-submitting the origional site map code rss.xml?max-results=500&start-index=1 I will repot back. I am please to report that readding the origional site map code to my blog has fixed the error

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