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A few things Search engines will penalize you for

As mentioned before in this blog Search Engine optimization although complex anyone can learn! When starting in SEO (search engine optimization) is is always to start with the basics which i discussed in earlier articles It is also useful to know what search engines can penalize your webiste or blog for, they range from very small things such as a double title. How can this happen, take for example blogger, you can add your own meta into the html but also blogger adds the title in for you also resulting in two titles being inserted. Solution?.... You can either just add meta keywords and description leaving out the meta title, allowing blogger to insert the one you have typed in your header section. Or if you are more clued up and know what you are doing you can remove the automaticaly inserted title which will look like this < title >< data:blog.pageTitle/ >< /title > and replace with your meta title. Car Credit Apply Online

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