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How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly

Tips to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly

It has been a while now since this blog was first started and allot has changed as regards search engine optimization and getting blogs noticed. So i thought i would have a general sum up of techniques i think can get your blog noticed quickly. You may have other methods and theories which work so i am not dampening then, i am just reporting on what i personally have found is working lately.

Using Meta Tags in your Blog

As stated above this is only my personal opinion and research but i don't think meta tags are having much of an impact as regards getting high search engine ranking with your blog. In articles and previous posts i have always emphasized that there is no harm in including meta tags but i personally have found that lately they make no impact on a blogs rank so i have dropped meta tags from my seo routine for now. If you would like to include them you can learn how to add meta tags in this article.

Choosing a Domain name for your Blog

It is always best to try and get a domain name that includes your main keyword. Don't worry that your using a free blog hosts such as blogger or word press, do a Google search for your keyword you will see that free blogger blogs for example rank in the top 10. Take make money online for example, this guy who has a blogger account does amazingly and i salute him. Don't stress too much about the domain though, if we are talking about organic search engine ranking then it is more important to include the keywords in the content than the domain.

Choosing the Layout of Your blog

This is important because you have to think like a search engine crawler, when it scans your site it reads across the top, down the left and then to the right so include all your keywords where their spiders can see them. Remember they cannot read images, flash and alot of java. It used to be that websites were laid out with menu bars to the side, now have you noticed alot of sites adding them to the right, put all your junk in the right collum as the crawler will read this last. You want the crawlers to spot your keywords as soon as they land on your pages, that way they know exactly what your blog is about and rank you accordingly.

Blog Content

This is the most important thing to concentrate on if you want to get your blog noticed. You need to watch your keywords, too many will get you penalized and too little will get you low ranked, aim for arround a 5% keyword density and you will be fine. Again as above use h1 headlines or post titles, let the search engine crawlers be able to spot your keywords.

Back links for your Blog

If you get quality one way back links to your blog then you will most definately get your blog noticed quickly. Make sure they are relevent though, no point having a dolls house website link to you if your blog is about fishing, get my drift? How to get back links to your blog

See my previous post for great tips on getting one way back links That's enough for tonight ill post again soon with some more of my findings to help get your blog noticed quickly, in the meantime if you need to brush up on how to make money blogging then heres a good read for you

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