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Check your Spelling!

Today i logged on to blogger to read my comments. One was from a reader saying that i had allot of good content however i might want to check my spelling and grammar in order to make the blog look more professional.

This comment is one of the most valued i have received all year. The sender was offering friendly advice to help me succeed. How many of us either just read a blog and put it down by logging off rather than offer the blogger some helpful advice.

The Internet is a mass of information and for those of us who google at every opportunity, expect to receive valuable information back, right? So with google being full of OUR inputted knowledge how great is it to receive a direct helping hand without actually looking for it.

I am really touched by those who want to help others. I read many forums and there is allot of nasty comments out there who rather than being constructive, like to get personal at every opportunity. Who does this help? Nobody. Thank you to the anonymous reader who commented on my blog today. Back to the subject in hand Spelling.

Now i would consider myself a good speller, believe it or not i have a good education in English and Grammar, however after spell checking all the posts in this blog this morning after receiving that comment i was ashamed.

I type fast, i write as a speak and manage many blogs and sites at one time so time is short for me. This is no excuse as there is a little spell check button on blogger. I was shocked at the amount of misspellings i had typed. How on earth are my readers supposed to follow and understand what i type if after every misspelling their mind is preoccupied with how on earth i managed to spell and publish that word.

From now on i am going to slow down and check all my posts in everything i do, not just this blog. Not only will my misspellings be loosing me readers but also my keyword campaigns could be affected.

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