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How to get penalized by search engines

If you are new to SEO (search engine optimization) then you may be finding it all a bit gobbledy gook and confusing. I have put together a few what not to do's that will give you a rough idea of the direction you need to be taking in your Internet marketing campaign. Instead of spending hours telling you what to do to get your website noticed i am going to spell out what not to do.

What will get you penalized by search engines?

Duplicate Content

Many new webmasters or bloggers think that it is as simple as setting up a blog or website and copying content from someone Else's site to paste on your own pages. This is deadly for your blog or website. You will get dropped from search engines in a flash. Maybe one day you check your rankings and are doing well, the next day BANG your gone, and you have probably been sand boxed by Google.

Duplicate content is a big fat no no. Duplicate content will damage your search engine ranking

Keyword Spamming

SEO used to be allot simpler, it was a case of stuffing keywords in where search engine crawlers could see them. Webmasters would pile keywords at the top of their web page and some even tried to mask them at the bottom. Search engines have since gotten clever and they can spot keyword spamming a mile off. They will now penalize you for keyword spamming. The crawlers can now spot if a sentence does not make sense and they know if you are keyword spamming. The recommendation is to keep your chosen keywords to around 2% which some webmasters find difficult because they have got it stuck in their minds that you have to mention the keywords over and over again. It is not about this but more about making your content relevant and clear to understand. So what those keywords, don't over do it, search engines penalize keyword spamming.

Keep your pages clear

Google bots search engine crawlers are more human than ever, they know a page that is set up to fool search engines and they know if a page does not make sense. Although you want to rank high in search engines you still need to make sure you website of blog is human reader friendly. When you write content write as though you were tall king. If you try and fool search engines it is you that will come worse off. Keep your pages clear and readable.

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