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Make Money Blogging with Snapbomb

In this blog i have been talking lots about How to Get Your Blog Noticed with blog marketing and blog advertising, and i hope the regular tips are helping you. Today i want to mention one of the ways you can Make Money Blogging. If you have succeeded in getting your blog noticed then wouldn't it be great to monetize your blog. One of the ways you can monetize your blog is through a great site called snapbomb What is Snapbomb? Snapbomb is a great way of getting paid to blog. You write articles about products or subjects and get paid for it. How do i join snapbomb? To join simply visit their website and submit your blog for valuation. You add a code to your blog, if your a blogger member then snapbomb allows you to add a simple widget. After a couple of hours you get to start writing posts and getting paid. How much do you get paid? Snapbomb pay by paypal and the am mount varies depending on how much your blog is worth. For example i will get paid about $1.16 for writing this article whereas i have seen other bloggers get paid $6. It all depends how much your blog is worth and how popular it is. Can i add more than one blog? Yes snapbomb allows you to submit any blogs. So in round up snapbomb is a pretty cool way of making money blogging. You are probably reading this thinking that i am bound to big site bomb up as i am getting paid to write this blog. Why am i getting paid to write this blog? Because i found snapbomb when trying out ways to earn money blogging. If i am taking time out to write this article and promote snapbomb then it must work.

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