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Content and Links - The most important SEO for bloggers

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Hello...Hope you enjoyed the post How to Get Indexed by Google. I often look back at how much time i used to spend attempting to get my sites indexed by google and laugh. I used to wonder how on earth people used to do it, when after much trial and error i have realised that all you need is good content and a link from a web site that google likes.

One thing i used to do is waist time. How? on pointless SEO tasks that were not making the blind bit of difference. In theory all i had to do is to concentrate on my content and Links.

Blog Content You need to add content regular to stay at the top of search engines. You can get indexed by google with a few posts but you will slip down the rankings if you don't add content often.

Blog Links You can get links to your blogs many ways. One thing to always keep in mind is that your links need to be relevant. When you get a link from another website or blog then the websites or blog needs to be on a similar topic as your website without being in direct competition with you.

How to get links to your blog There is many software's that will get you links in directories and such like within a click of a button but these links are not worth much. It may be time consuming but the best way to get quality links to is manually request them yourself. The best way to get links is to email webmasters and bloggers requesting a link exchange.

(1) In google type a keyword that reflects your website or blog. For example lets use my blog I would type in google a keyword like Blog Traffic

(2)I would then email all the webmasters of the top web sites that rank high with this keyword. My Email would be something like this:

Dear Webmaster,

This is not spam or an email bot, i am a real person ;)

I am building links for and would like to exchange a link with your web site.

The exchange would benefit both the sites, helping towards improving our ranks in search engine positioning,especially Google which regards linking as a major contributor to how popular a site is due to particular words.

The more popular a site is, the higher its position becomes.

My site details as follow:-

URL : Title : How to get Your Blog Noticed Description: Get Free traffic to your blog

Your link will be added to my site within 24hrs at following URL

Also, please forward me the Link Text/Description to be used while placing your link at my site.

Wishing you every success

Bingo, good quality links that wont get you into trouble with google.

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