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How to Send Partial Blog Post

Sending Only Part of Your Blog Post Feed Why would you only want to send part of your blog post to your reader? Well the whole point of having blog subscribers is to send them notifications when you write a new post to your blog, But what if they only read the entire post from the email and do not visit your blog! What would be the point? You don't get any traffic. If you have email subscriptions turned on with feed burner for example, then there is a way of only sending part of your blog post to readers which will encourage them to click on a link that lead them to your blog. How do i send only part of my blog post? Let us use the example of blogger: How to send a partial post with blogger 1. Go to Dashboard 2. Settings 3. Feed 4. Scroll to select short appose to full Your done! Next time you write a post then only part of your post will be sent to your reader. Make sure you write a captivating title!

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