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Why are my visitor stats so low?
How to get more traffic to my web site?
How do i get my Blog Noticed?

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Feedjit is a great tool for bloggers, it helps you keep a track of your blog visitors and tells you where they are from and how they found you. This is great for letting you know how your blog got noticed.

Why isn't my web site indexed by the Search Engines?

let's take google as an example search engine. To see if your website is listed on google first bring up google and try typing in your url several ways ie with the www. without, with http:// etc...... If you find no results for your website then here are a few possibilities as to why your site has not been indexed: (1)A Badly Designed Site Search engines like clear navigational sites, they strugle to read clustered sites and those especialy full of java. Your site may look cool with loads of flash but search engines cannot read it. Have a clean up of your website. Loads of graphic and java can block your website from being crawled. In my next post i will discuss how content can help you get indexed.

Make your Blog Reader Friendly

As i have written so many posts regarding search engine optimization i thought it would do no harm to reiterate the most basic prinicipal of blogging, to make our blog reader friendly. After all is said and done we write to get readers, right? The readers of a blog must find it an enjoyable experience, otherwise they will not return and your a one hit wonder with them, one click, one look, no thanks! To make a blog reader friendly it is not just about content (typed) but also layout. Certain colours make you feel a certain way and the colour scheme of the blogs layout should reflect the mood you want your reader to feel when they browse your pages. A really good example is this blog about irelandthe author uses many enticing images to lure readers and matches the colour scheme with a fitting ireland colour. Read more blogging tips

A few things Search engines will penalize you for

As mentioned before in this blog Search Engine optimization although complex anyone can learn! When starting in SEO (search engine optimization) is is always to start with the basics which i discussed in earlier articles It is also useful to know what search engines can penalize your webiste or blog for, they range from very small things such as a double title. How can this happen, take for example blogger, you can add your own meta into the html but also blogger adds the title in for you also resulting in two titles being inserted. Solution?.... You can either just add meta keywords and description leaving out the meta title, allowing blogger to insert the one you have typed in your header section. Or if you are more clued up and know what you are doing you can remove the automaticaly inserted title which will look like this < title >< data:blog.pageTitle/ >< /title > and replace with your meta title. Car Credit Apply Online

Make your site crawler-friendly

Search engines can't fill out forms, can't read JavaScript links,menus,graphics and Flash. This doesn't mean that you have to refrain from using such features beacuase you can! They make your site user friendly. However, you do need to provide alternative means of navigating your site as necessary. If you have only a drop-down of menus to choose a category, the search engine crawlers will never find those resulting pages and you will not get crawled. Top tips to get your blog noticed

Get Backlinks to get your Blog Noticed

Free Backlinks is a great way to get your blog noticed. One of the ways to get backlinks to your site is by commenting on forums, this is great because you can get targetted traffic to your website or blog by participating in discussions that are relevent to your site. Most forums allow you to have signatures on each of your posts, these signatures can be links to your blog or site. Do's and dont's Always be polite keep your post relevent to the topic Dont over spam you will get suspended Dont just post to promote your site or blog, make sure you join in the relevent discussion, your signatures will do the promoting, Some good forums to post on DigitalPoint SitePoint V7 Networks Code4Gold Forums Webmaster-Talk BloggerTalk Searchen Forums Learn how a blog can help Your Website!

Get your site listed in The Open Directory

It has been said many times about the importance of the Open Directory when launching your blog campaign. It is suggested to have a vital role in one of the ways to get indexed on search engines such as google. It is run by volunteers so you must be patient, If your submitted blog does not show after 1 month, I would email one of the category editors and asking for advice on how to get your site listed. Top ways to get Free Traffic