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Free Traffic with stumbleupon

How to Get Free Traffic with stumbleupon

Recently i discovered Stumbleupon, now i am personally still a complete newbie to this technique so if any of you have been using it longer please feel free to share your comments.

I will be posting regular posts over the next coming weeks regarding stumbleupon and i will attempt to answer the following:

How Stumbleupon works

Whether it has improved my traffic or not

If it is quality targetted traffic etc...

First Impressions

OK i have read many blogs and articles and my first impressions are that it is very good. I have high expectations of some big increase in traffic. So i have my fingers crossed.

How Stumbleupon works

You download the tool bar and recommend web sites by clicking the thumbs up button on the tool bar, you can also review sites. It is a social technique that is basically a network of recommended sites.

This post is just a heads up to say "What do you think of stumbleupon?"

I am definitely going to give it a shot and do some research. I will post my findings as soon as possible.

To help me out please add a review about this blog on stumble upon

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