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How to get more traffic to my web site?
How do i get my Blog Noticed?

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How to stay at the top of Search Engines

In my last post i spoke about how you can get your blog or website Penalized by search engines. These points need to be carefully looked at because it is usually the simple things we over look that can stop us from getting high search engine ranking.

How to Keep High Search Engine Ranking

For those of you that have been reading my posts and applying optimization tips that will get your blog noticed then you will of seen results. If you are wondering how to stay at the top of search engines once you get there then let me give you a few tips.

Keep your blog or website fresh

Search engines love fresh content so if you have a blog make sure you post often. This will score you high points. If you have a website then try and keep it as fresh as possible without ruining your site, add a new article at least once a week or change a few lines of text on your home page. Don't let your site become stale!

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