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SEO Report on Your Website

This is an amazing offer its webmaster simply wants you to spread the word about thier site. You will get a free 61 page pdf file emailed to you giving you a deep analazed report on Your Website, not an ebook with general search engine optimization tips but this report is unique and for your site only. The report explains in plain english how to beat your top ten competitors and move your website further up the rankings free. Secrets your comepetitors use to get top search engine ranking Read More

Organic Traffic

When using seo to get organic traffic by that i mean search engine traffic then it is important to know what your competitors are doing. I have found a cool liitle tool that not only tells you exactly how your competitors are beating you but for only £2.99 you get a 61 page pdf report on your website, explaining in plain english how to optimize your website to get high rankings. This is not a ebook giving away general search engine optimization tips but it is a complete report on YOUR website and how you can move YOUR Website further up the rankings. Some search engine companies would charge hundreds for this, not bad for £2.99 so thought i would share it with you.

Dont forget the Basics!

When we start our Internet Marketing Campaign we start at the begining and work our way up, but how often do we loose sight of the basics, especialy when performing search engine optimization. It is always important to log our efforts and to retrace over them to compare which alterations made a difference to our internet marketing campaign, you would be surprised that how often when building multiple sites we forget the basics we made sure we did with our earlier sites, the importance of search engine submission for example. Also things change, google changes what was once exceptable and worthwhile may no longer be relevent so the key is to stay focused with our internet marketing campaigns, to never stop testing and to keep our notes fresh.

Free Traffic that is Good Traffic!

If you do receive any traffic from Free traffic MLM programs it’s low quality because people are only clicking to your site to earn more credits for their own. Now every bit of traffic is good right? yes and no harm but you are unlikely to get to the second level of your marketing campaign with free traffic because it is not targeted traffic. So if your website is monetized via sales then your visitors from free traffic sources are less likely to make a purchase than if they reached you via targeted traffic. Now you can also get free targeted traffic for example by advertising on specific directories related to your website or by advertising on sites that are a similar subject to your site. And of course good old Search Engine Optimization

Using article writing as an internet marketing tool

An increasing method of traffic building is article writing, where links can be placed in the articles directing readers to your website. There are many free article submission sites to choose from also a few that offer you money for reader views like and Here is the top 20 searched articles in Wikipedia during the last month Wikipedia article traffic statistics Most viewed articles from February 1 to February 23, 2008: Rank Article Page views 1 Special:Search 381073439 2 Main_Page 114385286 3 Special:Random 68651771 4 Wiki 3577427 5 Special:Watchlist 3189276 6 Valentine's_Day 2068393 7 Barack_Obama 1934492 8 Wikipedia 1646544 9 John_McCain 1151929 10 Chinese_New_Year 1110887 11 Canine_reproduction 1104342 12 Portal:Current_events 1053991 13 Sex 1043122 14 Kosovo 1018946 15 United_States 988039 16 Resolution 957822 17 Deaths_in_2008 950550 18 Cloverfield 930900 19 Portal:Contents More tips!

Warning about Free Search Engine Submission Software

Some search engine submission software services claim that they submit your website to thousands of search engines at once. The majority of these so-called search engines are free links for all pages, very special interest web pages or, even worse, websites masquerading as search engines. Submitting your web page to these hundreds of thousands of search engines means that you will receive hundreds of thousands of spam email messages. Quality matters much more than quantity ever will. When submiting your website to search engines make sure you focus on the important ones. Read more about the main search engines you need to concentrate on!
If you pay a company to get you high ranking you wont stay there It takes hard work so dont be fooled! There is No Easy way to Get Listed and No Secrets not promise to get you high search engine rankings not an overpriced Ebook a full report on Your Site Give You the info to get Yourself at the top. What do you get? A full 61 page deep report on your website A PDF file emailed to you This is not a report on sites in general its all about Your Website! analyze your top 10 comepetitors against your website You will receive a Plain english report on how to beat your competitors How you can optimize your site to get higher ranking Meta, content, links, layout, keyword density etc... the lot How much is it? £2.99 yes thats right its not a typo More info

How a Blog Can help your Website

Blogs are free and easy to create, also great traffic generating tools for your website. If you haven't learned by now, the key to building free search engine traffic is to get as many related, high-quality sites to point back to yours. Search engines like Google take this into account when ranking your website. You can create your own blog that acts as a "related website" to point to your own, and in the long run your blog may attract its own traffic. Or you can build a stand-alone blog and use that as your main website. The choice is up to you and really depends on your long-term goals. More Tips to get Free Traffic to Your Site Want to make Money Online?

New free classfieds site

If you are a member of a club, workshop, group or organization then this brand new free classifieds site is for you. They are offering free advertising. Submit your advert now before they get too popular, you will be listed within 24hrs

How to Add Meta tags

As discussed in the previous post Meta Tags should be used as an addition to your optimizing and should not be relied on to get your site or blog indexed by search engines. I have added instructions on adding Meta to This Website

Should i use Meta Keyword Tags?

The debate over the importance of meta keywords in your site or blog is undecided. The general guidance is that they cannot do any harm. If you check your competitors you will see some use meta keyword tags and others don't so the advice of top search engine optimizers is to include them anyway. This is all well and good but did you know certain meta keyword tags can harm your ranking! How? Some search engines penalize you if your mega keywords tags don't appear in your body text. So if your going to use meta keywords make sure they are relevant to your content and that they appear in your body text. Don't just make a list of keywords you think may have something to do with your site, Make sure they do! Get more top tips!

How giving a Free E-book can Make you Money

You can make an E-Book and give it away for free: You could use your free E-Book as a bonus, or thank you gift, for your customers, web site visitors or ezine subscribers. You could use the E-Book to remind readers about your business or products. You could even include advertising within your free E-Book. Or, you could make an E-Book and allow other businesses to give copies away free to their customers, web site visitors or ezine subscribers. It could be the start of a beautiful a win-win relationship: The other business benefits, because their readers/customers get something free. You benefit, because your E-Book presumably tells these new readers about your business. And best of all, our software includes a powerful Rebranding feature, which allows you to set up parts of your E-Book for easy customization. You could allow other businesses to insert their name, web site link, or change an affiliate ID - which gives them an extra incentive to pass on copies - helping promote your business or web site

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a great way to generate Fast Traffic to your site or blog. The most popular ones are using Google Adwords and Google Adsense. Google Adwords allows you to create adds that appear at the top of search engines, you may recognise them as sponsored links. Google Adwords can be an expensive learning curve for beginners but a gold mine if you know what you are doing. I am writing an Ebook on Adwords Secrets which i will give away free to all Newsletter subscribers of this blog so sign up free today to get a copy free mid march.