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How to Get Indexed By Google

Many webmasters will use what is called black hat methods in order to get their web sites indexed by google. I would recommend that you avoid such methods, it is not worth the risk. Google is clever and can penalize your web site or blog. How to get penalized by search engines. If you are serious about your Internet marketing campaign then you want to be on the good side of google and make sure your website or blog meets all of googles standards.

How to get Indexed by Google

You can use the submit URL tool with google but you will be in for a lengthy wait, It can take anything from 3-6 weeks. I have tried and tested many methods to get a site indexed by google fast and here are my findings. This is a method i always follow and has not yet let me down. Some of you will have other ways so please feel free to share them with other readers.

(1)Create around 5 pages of good quality content, if you have a blog then a minimum of 5 posts, i have managed to get blogs indexed with as little as 2 posts but i would aim for 5 to begin with, google loves content. Make sure your content is not duplicated from any other site and that it is keyword enriched, i aim for 3-5% keyword density on my chosen keywords. If you over do your keywords then google will think you are spamming and this will effect your search engine ranking.

(2)Get back links from high PR sites. This is one of the key factors that will determine the speed in which you get indexed by google. The web site that you get the link from must be on the same niche as your web site. If you need help finding a website to get to link to you then enter your keyword in the google search bar and look for high PR web sites that except links. Alternatively if the website you want to link with does not have a submit URL form then pop them an email. Most webmasters are happy to swap links.

(3)Submit articles to article directories such as and These are the two article directories i would highly recommend you submit your articles to. Especially digg. Make sure your article contains a link to your site.

(4)Join google webmaster tools, add your URL and verify your site. This will be your hub for finding out how google sees your site. You can see when google index your web site and also see any potential errors that are stopping you from getting indexed by google.

(5) Add a site map and submit the sit map URL to webmaster tools. A site map will tell google about your pages. If you need help making a site map i will include these instructions in my next post.

Check your Spelling!

Today i logged on to blogger to read my comments. One was from a reader saying that i had allot of good content however i might want to check my spelling and grammar in order to make the blog look more professional.

This comment is one of the most valued i have received all year. The sender was offering friendly advice to help me succeed. How many of us either just read a blog and put it down by logging off rather than offer the blogger some helpful advice.

The Internet is a mass of information and for those of us who google at every opportunity, expect to receive valuable information back, right? So with google being full of OUR inputted knowledge how great is it to receive a direct helping hand without actually looking for it.

I am really touched by those who want to help others. I read many forums and there is allot of nasty comments out there who rather than being constructive, like to get personal at every opportunity. Who does this help? Nobody. Thank you to the anonymous reader who commented on my blog today. Back to the subject in hand Spelling.

Now i would consider myself a good speller, believe it or not i have a good education in English and Grammar, however after spell checking all the posts in this blog this morning after receiving that comment i was ashamed.

I type fast, i write as a speak and manage many blogs and sites at one time so time is short for me. This is no excuse as there is a little spell check button on blogger. I was shocked at the amount of misspellings i had typed. How on earth are my readers supposed to follow and understand what i type if after every misspelling their mind is preoccupied with how on earth i managed to spell and publish that word.

From now on i am going to slow down and check all my posts in everything i do, not just this blog. Not only will my misspellings be loosing me readers but also my keyword campaigns could be affected.

How can websites rank high with little text?

If you are on top of your seo campaign and on a mission to beat your top ten competitors that rank higher in search engines than you then one thing that you will notice is that some sites that are higher that you have little content, how can this be? Well in the ever changing world of search engine ranking although content has always been referred to as KING it is not always the case. Those websites that have a higher search engine ranking than you but have little content will have some great quality links that point to their site. Should i give up on content and chase links? Most definitely not. Content is still a very major part of getting your website noticed, especially by search engines,

Links take a very long time to establish and to give up on your content would be a killer. It is all about getting an even balance. Those of you who use Internet marketing strategies such as paid links like AdWords will have websites that are purely built for customers whereas some who use organic seo will tend to build sites and content that are for search engines.

What you need to do is get an even balance, if you have a website that is viewer friendly, give the reader what they want then they will naturally link to you.

The point i am trying to get across without too much waffling is that you need an even balance. You need to follow simple seo steps so that search engines like your site but you also need to fulfill your readers needs and not lose your valuable potential readers.