In this blog you will learn how to Get your Web site or Blog noticed.
If you are new to internet marketing then you will love this beginners guide.
It answers all the questions you have been wondering.....and more.

Why are my visitor stats so low?
How to get more traffic to my web site?
How do i get my Blog Noticed?

Stop Searching for answers!

Search Engine Optimization is important

I have written lots lately on seo for beginners and what search engine optimization can do for you.

Some of my recent posts include:

10 simple seo tips for beginners Explaining in simple terms basic optimization that will get your website ranking higher on search engines.

Mistakes that will kill your ranking Around 80% of websites are beging penalized by google without even realizing. You might want to read this post and do your own check list.

Seo v Adwords A look at organic traffic benefits against pay per click marketing.

The reason why i have been concentrating on SEO allot lately is because it is important, plain and simple. Whatever website you have, whichever niche you target, search engine optimization will bring you targeted traffic and we all know what targeted traffic means....more conversions.

SEO is not rocket science but it can take time to grasp. If you have not got time and want to concentrate more on what YOU do then contact me, i specialize in Internet marketing and seo. I can help get you more targeted leads.

Since my last post i have created some more resources for all you beginners needing a helping hand:

Simple Seo Guide Does what it says in the title.

Seo for Beginners Similar to the simple seo guide but laid out in simple lessons to follow.

SEO forum This one is brand spanking new, today in fact. Membership is free so why not join. You can ask anything seo related or simply offer some help to others.

This post is just a quick catch up to keep you updated with my campaign to help beginners in the vast world of seo.

Any questions please feel free to comment.

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