In this blog you will learn how to Get your Web site or Blog noticed.
If you are new to internet marketing then you will love this beginners guide.
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Why are my visitor stats so low?
How to get more traffic to my web site?
How do i get my Blog Noticed?

Stop Searching for answers!

10 simple seo tips for beginners

1. Your keywords

You need to decide which keywords you want to achieve high search engine ranking with.

Research is vital, you must make sure the keywords you want to rank high with, pr actually used by searchers.

2. Who are your competitors?

You are going to beat your competitors to the top spot. You need to first find out who they are and analyze them. Type in your keyword in the search, there are all your competitors.

3. Title

Two tips i can give you for optimizing page titles. The first is to make sure each page has its own unique title.

Second tip is to make sure you include your main keyword in the title. Don't keyword spam though, your titles must make sense and flow.

4. Meta

Only use meta tags if you understand them. They are not that important. The keyword density has to be spot on.

5. use headings

When googles crawlers scour your website. They look at h1 and h2 headers. If you have your keywords in these headers, google will see that they are important.

6. Content must always be fresh. Duplicate content is a big no no.

7. One way links are a big seo boost. Try and get a link from a high pr website. Remember to have your keyword included in the link.

8. Site maps tell search engine about your website pages. Having a site map will help to get more of your pages indexed.

9. Alt tags should always have a description and should not be left blank.

10. You need to update your website often, even if it is just a little tweak. Google loves sites that are maintained often.

Having your website search engine optimized is very beneficial. I have built a site for all you beginners. Start with seo basics and take it from there.

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