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How do i get my Blog Noticed?

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Seo and your business

search engine optimization or seo for short, is the process used to optimize your website for the search engines.

If you have an online business then you will benefit greatly from having a seo friendly website.

Even if you already have a good system that brings in traffic, organic search engine traffic is a bonus.

If your website ranks high for certain keywords then you will get FREE quality targeted traffic.

How to search engine optimize your website

1. Keyword research

Decide the keywords you want to gain high search engine ranking with. Don't forget to include some long tail ones.

2. URL

There is debate as to whether this matters with seo. It does and it doesn't. It is not vital but in my opinion it is better to include keywords in your URL if you are not going for a branding approach.

3. Content

You have probably heard the saying "content is king". It is important but there are too many factors to consider with search engine optimization for it to be as clear cut as that.

You need to make sure your content is liked by search engines and your readers.

Keyword density in your content needs to be below 5% ideally. Too much or too little will kill your ranking.

4. Links

The best links are the ones that are one way and keyword anchored.

If you can get an anchored one way link to your website from a high pr website, .......BRILLIANT.

They are the main seo tasks you need to implement on your website.

If you would like me to do a free seo report on your website, get in touch.

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