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How To Get To The Top Of Google

You are asking a question that every website owner wants an answer to. Some webmasters will probably never grasp it and some will give up trying. Internet marketing companies are spilt, some companies will tell you how it is and give you a straight forward answer, others will sugar coat pay per click otherwise known as Google ads.

How to get to the top of Google

There are three services that will get you to the top of Google. 1.SEO – Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as the natural listings on Google

2.Google pay per click which is the sponsored results on Google

3.Google maps or Google placements

The only one of the above that is guaranteed to get you to the first page of Google is pay per click. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Google does not give preference to some marketing companies and nobody should ever guarantee you top positions unless they are using pay per click. You can get clarification of this by visiting googles webmaster central and help pages.

Which internet marketing method is best?

Your internet marketing plan needs to be done properly, before you decide which or all of the three main tasks to perform, ppc, SEO, or Google maps, you need to first get an expert to review your budget, analyse your site and most of all be completely honest with you. A good marketing company will tell you straight even if it means them losing a sale.

Keyword choice is important

If you target the wrong keywords from the start you might as well throw money away for example, if you're targeting iphone repair keywords you need to carefully research your keywords such as iphone 4 repair, iphone 4s repair etc. Of course it’s easy to get to the first page of Google for some keywords, especially localised keywords, but will these keywords convert for you? You need to make sure that the keywords you target will get you the visitors you want. Being on the first page of google isn’t important unless you are there for the right keywords.

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