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The ins and outs of Niche Devil

As far as the development team are concerned it is for, "Making cash whilst feeding the Google Monster it's favourite food while you barely lift a finger".

A snappy, if overlong statement, but it's not about the tag line, it's whether or not it's worth the money?

The initial setup goes something like this, firstly you purchase MANY domains, hosting and Niche Devil onto your hosting account you install Niche Devil, run the script and insert your affiliate links and keywords for the store you're creating and abracadabra, Niche Devil spits out a site with content and products in about 37 seconds. Got to be witchcraft, now all you need is a few spend-happy customers, and Niche Devil can even promise that with the aid of pinging but let's take a step back and look at what makes the whole thing tick.

Your server/hosting account must meet certain minimum requirements before uploading the script via ftp.

It is also nothing less than a glorified niche store builder, very much in the same vein as the old BANS stores, look what happened to them, The Niche Devil has made a lot of noise about it's "ever refreshing" content, scraping/pulling various media from the Internet relating to your keywords, it works well and looks pretty good but what about the legality of using what maybe copyrighted material?.

There are statements from Niche Devil such as, "Hurry up, only available for 14 days" which raises some issues.

They are restricting the window for it's purchase, why? To make you buy now, or before experience of the product kicks in and reality takes hold and why would you even contemplate selling a product that earns £££ and not just use it yourself.

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