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How do i get my Blog Noticed?

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Targeted Traffic

In my last post i gave you top tips on ways to get free traffic. In such an uncertain economic time free traffic is the only way for most online companies, their marketing budgets are low or even non existent.Most webmasters will use AdWords to generate traffic. AdWords is a fine way of generating targeted traffic but it is also really costly. Whats the alternative?

Organic targeted traffic

By organic targeted traffic i mean search engine traffic.

If searches find your website or blog through a program like stumble upon they are less likely to be targeted visitors, they are less likely to buy your product or click on your ads, they have done exactly as it says STUMBLED UPON.It is far better to get visitors that want to be on your site, appose to those that have reached it by chance. How do you get organic targeted visitors for free? SEO

Use seo to get organic traffic Your website or blog will be associated with a niche, and this niche will have many keywords associated with it. Take for example this blog. It is about getting free traffic to your website or blog, keywords will be such as: Free traffic Search Engine Optimization Get Free traffic Get more visitors the list could go on and on.......

You need to make sure your website is optimized for your keywords using seo. Free seo tool

To get free targeted traffic you need to make sure your website ranks high in google for keywords that are associated with your site.

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